Amy Naparstek Memorial Scholarship

The Amy Naparstek Memorial Scholarship was established in 1996 in memory of Amy Naparstek, daughter of MHOA past-president J. David Naparstek. This award is open to MHOA members.  Funds are disbursed annually at the discretion of the scholarship committee and awarded at the spring MHOA quarterly meeting for the upcoming school year. 

Applicants must be enrolled in a public, environmental or allied health degree or certificate program at a recognized educational institution. An announcement for application submission is made in early late March, early April of each year with a end of April submission deadline.

Please contact Lisa Pacella at with questions.

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Winners of the Naparstek Scholarship

1997 -  Lou-Ann Clement
1998 -  Nelly Browne-Janga and Melanie Chapell
1999 -  Rebecca Vieira
2000 -  Hien Nguyen and Stephanie Flynn
2001 -  Shelly DelGenio Newhouse and Elaine Wozny
2002 -  Kathleen Esposito and Kathleen MacVarish
2003 -  Lisa Hebert and Stacey Lane
2004 -  Christine Connolly and Sigalle Zitomersky
2005 -  Kathleen Crello, Nancy Epson, and Jamie Goldstein
2006 -  Dai Qui Nguyen and James Starbard
2007 -  Christopher Ciarcia and Jade Palazola
2008 -  Dai Qui Nguyen
2009 -  Adam Clay
2010 -  Brian Gallant and Felix Zemel
2011 -  Susan Rowe
2012 -  Cathleen Liberty
2013 -  Jessica Gardner
2015 -  Susan Sarni, Jessica Gardner, and Angela Lumenello
2016 -  Kelly Ries
2017 -  Rike Sterrett
2018 -  Carrie Schoener, Tiffany Zike, Erin Hightower, and Abigail Graham
2019 - Meggan Eldridge and Jennifer Jernigan
2020 - Wendelyn Hansbury, Laura DellaChaie
2021 - Ivan Kwagala and Jessica Tracy
2022 -  Katherine Dagle and Alicia McCartin
2023 -  Angelo De Luca, Eileen Devane and Stephen Casey, Jr.