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DEP Clean Energy Gap Grant Coming Soon!

New $7.5 million round of Gap grant funding to help municipalities, nonprofits, and small businesses implement energy efficiency measures and clean energy upgrades

Funding will soon be available from the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection’s Clean Energy Results Program (CERP). You can read more in the press release here

Previously, the Massachusetts Gap Energy Grant Program helped 64 municipally-owned or district drinking water and wastewater treatment facilities reduce their energy use, lower operating costs, increase energy efficiency, or install clean energy.  Those projects are highlighted in the MassDEP’s interactive Gap Grant StoryMap. We are now building on that success by expanding the program to non-profit multifamily affordable housing sector, non-profit food distribution, and small businesses in food distribution and processing to complete similar projects and provide greater value to the communities they serve. We hope to receive applications for successful energy projects like The Powdermill Village site in Peabody, where enhancing efficiency to systems throughout the complex improved heat and hot water delivery, lowered costs for residents, and bolstered monitoring to improve response when flooding occurred. By funding clean energy projects and tackling energy and air delivery and mechanisms, we can help reduce asthma burden by reducing air pollution. 

This grant funding can provide an applicant up to $200,000 to complete a wide range of energy efficiency and clean energy generation projects in their buildings

This may include energy-saving projects such as:  

  • Installation of HVAC upgrades; air-source heat pumps; air sealing and insulation upgrades; higher efficiency hot water systems, etc. 
  • Installation of solar photovoltaic systems; battery storage; in-conduit hydropower; renewable thermal (e.g., solar thermal, water, and ground source heat pumps, sewer heat recovery) etc. 

We want to share the announcement of this opportunity as widely as possible, ensuring as many of the organizations and entities in the expanded eligible sectors are able to take advantage of the funding, enhance their efforts to conserve energy and save money, and benefit communities across the state. If you can help us get the word out about this opportunity – through a newsletter, email distribution, or other forms of communication – the following is information you can share with facilities or organizations who could benefit from it.  

Our updated website provides resources including: 

  • Eligibility requirements for organizations and examples of eligible projects
  • Information and assistance on completing energy audits and clean energy feasibility studies
  • Incentive programs to strengthen your application
  • Documentation required to apply

Additionally, potential applicants can sign up for our mailing list to be notified when the application is available. You can also follow MassDEP on twitter for information and updates as we move toward the launch of the grant application. 

Please let us know if you have specific timing requirements for your newsletter. If there is anyone in your organization who should receive the announcement of this opportunity, we would be happy to add them to our distribution list. 

The Clean Energy Results Program is a joint effort of the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, the Department of Energy Resources and the Clean Energy Center working to increase energy efficiency and accelerate the clean energy transition across the state. 

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