MHOA Weekly Newsletter

MHOA Weekly Newsletter

We hope you had the opportunity to appreciate Monday's solar eclipse, and the lovely demonstration of science and community. Gathering together, sharing glasses, and marveling at the sky was an enjoyable disruption of a usual weekday afternoon. It was of course back to reality for the rest of the week!

We hope you'll take the opportunity to apply by April 19 for the Local Public Health Intensive Training food and housing courses if you haven't previously taken a MA PHIT food/housing course These two courses are first of what will be offered on a regular basis through this program. LPHIT courses are developed by the Massachusetts Health Officers Association, the Massachusetts Environmental Health Association, the Massachusetts Association of Health Boards, and the Massachusetts Association of Public Health Nurses, led by the Boston University School of Public Health and funded by the MDPH Office of Local and Regional Health. These food and housing courses will continue to be offered to local health professionals regularly, and additional courses including wastewater, recreational camps, pools and more will follow. We're excited to see this program launch, and welcome feedback on the courses and process. There will be more information to come. 

Another important upcoming deadline is for MHOA conference abstracts on April 29. Yes, our conference isn't until November, but much of the content is typically finalized before the summer! Feedback from past conferences is that local public health staff immensely value hearing from their peers. We know there's incredible work going on out there that's worth sharing. Even if you've never submitted an abstract before, give it a try. MHOA staff will support bringing great ideas chosen by the conference committee to reality! 

Have a wonderful (hopefully long for you) weekend.


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