MHOA Application for Local Public Health Department Internship Funding

Funding Availability

The Massachusetts Health Officers Association (MHOA) will be funding a limited number of undergraduate (up to $750) and graduate (up to $1,000) public health internships to assist local public health agencies.

Funding is available to support 3-4  interns for the Summer of 2018, possibly more if there are several undergraduate internships.

Projects are expected to assist the health department in delivering one of its essential services and to build local capacity.  Projects are NOT required to include or focus on Emergency Preparedness.  Broader capacity-building projects are encouraged.

Internship Requirements

The internships will pay for 50 hours of work per intern.

Work must be completed by September 15, 2018.

This project is for funding internship positions only.  Communities are required to identify a project and locate the intern to be hired themselves.

To keep internships equitable and consistent across communities, MHOA requires that interns be compensated at the rate of $20/hour for graduate students and $15/hour for undergraduate students.   Your agency will have to negotiate with interns directly and document that agreement if you wish to extend the internship beyond 50 hours.   Awardees & interns will have to fill out a confirmation of the number of hours and pay rate upon award.

The intern should work under the direct supervision of an appropriate member of the health department staff.

The work of the intern should be commensurate with the level of the student’s education and should contribute to the health department in delivering one or more of its essential services and towards building its capacity.

Funding for internship is competitive and will be awarded based on a scoring system that evaluates the agency’s work plan for the intern, the contribution towards meeting one or more of the ten essential services, and the anticipated outcome(s) of the interns work.  Part of the scoring of applications will be based on whether or not the project can be reasonably accomplished by an intern in the 50 hours available.

The point value assigned to each of these is shown below.  The more details that you provide, the greater the likelihood that the internship will be funded.

Please Note:  If you do not answer each question individually, you will not get points for questions that have been skipped.  Reviewers will not try to pull information from other questions in order to determine whether or not you have answered the question elsewhere. 

Applications will be evaluated and scored by MHOA representatives who are not affiliated with any local public health agency.

Please complete a separate application for each internship funding request and submit it by email to:  Dawn Carmen Sibor,