Dear Colleagues,

It has come to our attention that a representative of JUUL Labs (the makers of the popular JUUL e-cigarette) has been reaching out to school principals and youth prevention coordinators in multiple states to share a pilot youth prevention/education program and offering money to schools to test that program. Please email Cathy Taylor at if you receive information that JUUL has contacted schools in your state so that we can document how widespread this is. 

If you or your school district is contacted by a representative of JUUL, we encourage you to reject their program and proposal. Parents and teachers shouldn’t get advice about e-cigarettes from companies that make and profit from e-cigarettes.  We encourage you to utilize prevention materials from independent, public health sources, examples of which can be found below:

There is a reason to be cautious about JUUL’s efforts. Tobacco companies have an extensive history of promoting prevention programs that studies have have an extensive history of promoting prevention programs that studies have shown to be ineffective at best and can even work to encourage kids to smoke. While JUUL Labs is not one of the Big Tobacco companies, it is still a tobacco company selling an addictive product that has significant youth appeal and they should not be partnering with schools.

JUUL is an e-cigarette device that is used with nicotine-containing JUULpods, which come in 8 flavors. JUUL has become increasingly popular and now represents the largest share of the e-cigarette market. A number of news outlets have documented its popularity in high schools and college campuses across the country. (Pittsburgh Post-GazetteNPRUSA Today).

Below, you will find a new factsheet on JUULs from our research team, including basic information about what JUULs are, e-cigarette use among youth and young adults, health concerns, marketing and accessibility of JUUL. Additional fact sheets on e-cigarettes are available here.

Please let us know if you have any questions and let us know if you are aware of outreach in your state from JUUL Labs.

Best wishes,

Gustavo Torrez
Youth Advocacy Director
Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids